All you need is simply high speed

In contrast to classic copper cables, which are used mostly in wiring of buildings within distances up to 100 meters, fiber optics offers you transferability of a much larger amount of Data in higher speed and over longer distances. Also many private individuals are able now to use a fiber optics internet or phone connection offered by their providers. In the city of Bremen most of the fiber optic cables are layed in the underground for easy and simple connection with the clients. Many authorities and schools use so called inhouse fiber optic connections over longer distances to the existing fiber optic net to merge several of their buildings in a network-wise. In the ship industry all the existing media can be offered at a very high speed and quality in all the ship cabins and event-rooms by installing fiber optic wiring. There are many more fields where fiber optic technics could be used for fast and modern communication and internet.

The requirements for a faster transfer of Data are strongly increasing and getting more and more important for all companies and private individuals to stay competitive.

We love FIBER OPTICS and we are the SPECIALISTS!  

Our highly trained team works with passion, using the most modern tools, such as high-end splicing and measuring devices for perfect results and many satisfied customers.

Advantage Fiber to the home (FTTH)